Philomathia Group | Building Learning Corporations

Your Business Needs

COMMON PROBLEM? Your teams take multiple training sessions. They say they were taught a lot, but you see no measurable return on the investment. We have the solution.

How do we create high performance teams?

We analyze your company’s needs in contrast to emerging opportunities. Philomathia Group has access to world-class facilitators who currently bring leadership and business skills to numerous Fortune 500 working teams. Our instructors adapt and create learning content and activities tailored to your situation.

We implement discovery-based learning techniques. Philomathia Group designs tools, templates and frameworks relevant to on-the-job actions. By adapting instruction methods to learning behaviors, we turn team members into learning leaders.

We use activity-based methods grounded in case studies. These become simulations, role-plays and projects that change behavior and turn learning into actual and meaningful business opportunities.

We continue to provide on-going implementation support to learners and ensure they constantly implement new skills in business situations and processes.