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I recently read a wonderful article in Chief Learning Officer magazine entitled the Inevitable Fusion of Learning and Talent Management. If you’re interested, read the entire article here.

It’s authors provide a nice rationale for the need to fuse talent management and learning together, and honestly, there is nothing I disagree with in their approach. They argue, “Conditions have changed remarkably. Demographic shifts, reinvented business models, technological advances and new forms of competition require organizations to fuel perpetual skill upgrades. The soft approach many learning and HR teams have taken in the past won’t cut it as organizations strive to meet hard business vulnerabilities.”

This feels right to me for a number of reasons, which I won’t go into here. I will just say that I believe that the talent portion of the performance equation has become so important that we should not stop at the 5-stage maturity model the authors propose, linking talent management to learning. I would argue that, instead, we should acknowledge that learning lies at the heart of leadership and business performance right now and for the foreseeable future. Thus, we should embed learning into every business project or enterprise-level initiative. The truly self-developing organization, which the authors espouse, will emerge when we acknowledge that learning lies at the center of the enterprise’s business purpose and the learning cycle defines every project road map, business process and plan.

So remember, recognize — extract — reflect — apply — share. In every business initiative.

The Inevitable Fusion of Learning and Business Leadership