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Case Stories

It’s not training. It’s performance. 

If you never use the word “training” around us, we’d be happy. In Philomathia workshops, your teams solve actual problems and achieve real results. They learn how to be a high-performance team that learns through working.

Problem: Ineffective Teamwork

Executives are more interested in individual functions vs. a unified leadership team. They either argue or don’t talk to each other.

Philomathia Solution: Collaborative Leadership Workshop

Focus on team building and effective communication strategies.

Problem: Flat Growth, Shrinking Margins

It may be the economy, new competition or re-organization. Whatever the reason, it is every company’s worst nightmare.

Philomathia Solution: Business Model Workshop

Stimulate product innovation, process improvement, and functional transformation.

Problem: Shortage of Next Generation Leaders

Your organization lacks a robust pipeline of successor candidates and, especially, a strong bench of “next generation” leaders.


Philomathia Solution: Next Generation Acumen Series

Transform “do-ers” into leaders by building communication and business acumen, and influencing skills.


Problem: Effectively Motivating Millennials

Millennials are a growing proportion of our teams. Traditional work culture is changing to a networked society. Proactive career management and independent development is a difficult task.

Philomathia Solution: Career Challenge Tools

Gain concepts and tools for proactively managing a career matrix and creating a personal brand.

Problem: Unifying a Merged Workforce

Your recently merged business needs a coherent, strategic workforce plan for its newly comprised employee base.

Philomathia Solution: Strategic Workforce Planning Practice

An experience to help you manage your talent, designed to uncover best practices for strategic workforce planning (SWP) and create a road map for moving forward.