Philomathia Group | Building Learning Corporations

About Philomathia Group

Philomathia Group focuses on the critical learning behaviors needed to achieve success. We design and deploy a “how-to” experience that matches skills being sought or problems being solved.

Our proven philosophy develops the following learning behaviors:

Recognize – Your teams will understand that your business situation demands new behavior. This is a learning opportunity.

Extract – They will learn how to identify critical new behaviors or skills that can transform difficult situations into attractive opportunities and achieve your desired outcomes.

Reflect – They will actively absorb what must be learned and understand how it fits into their roles and responsibilities.

Apply – They will test and experiment with different techniques, skills, and knowledge to learn how they fit into new, unfamiliar, and real-life situations.

Share – They will know how to communicate the lessons learned in a manner that has an effective impact across the organization.

Each learning behavior is an integral element in the team member’s ability to absorb and deploy new skills and knowledge. Without these behaviors, any course becomes nothing more than time away from work.