Philomathia Group | Building Learning Corporations
  • Fortune 500 Companies choose Philomathia Group to build teams that fuel learning corporations.
  • Our difference is a focus on adult learning vs. teaching. Most adults learn by doing, not by listening or watching. So we don’t tell people "what." We let them experience "how."
  • Without applying effective adult learning behaviors, a course becomes nothing more than time away from work. As we all know, there is no benefit in ordering oranges if you need apples.

Team-building. It's not about what to do. It's about how to do it.

With Philomathia, learning behavior is first embedded into our workshops and then reinforced through active coaching after the sessions. It's how your organization becomes a learning company, motivated by the business performances and outcomes that matter to you.

Your Team Learns: Four Essential How-to Elements:

  • How to diagnose business problems.
  • How to develop solutions.
  • How to improve decision-making, implementation, and your company's potential.
  • How to ask the right questions, which may be more important than the answers.

"John's contributions have been tremendous. He has a unique gift for designing and delivering content in a way that generates powerful learning and exchange among very senior audiences.
He is a genuine pleasure to work with."

Michael Griffin, Chief Research Officer,
Corporate Executive Board

Our Clients:

National Journal